VINN finds cars that match your needs and budget and connects you with the right dealers.

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Friendly Car-
Finding Experts

They find the right car and dealership for you. They arrange appointments and answer your questions along the way.

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Huge Marketplace

We partner with over 200 dealerships nationwide to provide more than 100,000 vehicles to choose from.

Search the marketplace, or ask our team for help. Either way, it's free.

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Frequent questions

VINN works with over 200 dealerships and has more than 100,000 vehicles on its platorm.

Is it free?

Yes. VINN is entirely free to use. There are no hidden fees. 

Do you sell cars online?

No. We help you find cars that match your needs and connect you with the right dealers. The transaction happens with them. 

What does the vehicle expert team do?

They help you find the car that fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget and connect you with trusted dealerships. They also provide advice on vehicles and answer questions about the car-buying process.

How many vehicles are on VINN?


We find cars for you


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Are you a dealership?

No. VINN is a marketplace and car-finding service that works with OEMs and dealerships across Canada.

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